About This Site

Many of you know me by my online pseudonym, Bixyl Shuftan, which I’ve been more or less known online for several years. Others, especially those who know me on the other side of the computer, know me as Murray M. Lee. As both, I’ve been known as keeping an eye on the news, having read a number of history and science fiction books in the past, a love of computer games, and a corny sense of humor.

murraymlee2013I’ve been writing for fun since childhood, as a kid homemade comics and fanciful tales that were the byproduct of a kid’s imagination. As a young adult, science fiction short stories for Creative Writing Class. From about 1999 to 2007, I self-published a number of short stories and a couple short novels on a website, “A Writers Block.” Over eight years, it would get thirty thousand hits. After I got a new computer, the File Transfer Protocol program stopped working. But it was about this time I was thinking I needed a new focus.

I soon found another subject to write about later in 2007 in in the virtual world of Second Life. I was invited by the owners of Second Life Newspaper to write for them, and I began writing nonfiction stories about the virtual world, it’s people, places, and events. In 2010, Second Life Newspaper folded as it’s owners departed the virtual world, and me and most of the other writers began a new one: Second Life Newser. It has become one of the leading sources of news for those interested about the virtual world, with twenty-two thousand readers checking the paper every month.

While my online friends were interested in the Newser, those on my side of the computer were generally puzzled, or disinterested in the newsletter. What they did pay attention to was the cartoons, of which even the inside jokes were laughed at, and that I was actually getting paid for what I was writing, indirectly through advertising, with what was left over after paying the staff going to charities in the virtual world. Good, I was told, but couldn’t better be done? Second Life is fine and dandy, but this does not put food on the table.

So I’m going to try something new.

While still doing the Newser, and still doing science-fiction stories on the side. I’m going to try my hand at writing at least once a week about things besides Second Life. Sometimes a joke or two, sometimes a commentary about something in the news, sometimes reflecting on history, and more.

What to call this something new? Thinking about it, I kept recalling people suggesting that I write to get businesses to want to advertise on my pages and pay me good money, so it would put food on the table.

And so, that’s what the title of this site will be: Food on the Table.

Hope you enjoy my writing, and if you run a business, please consider advertising here.

Murray M. Lee



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